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Pisac Cusco

PISAQ is located at 30 kilometers of Cusco City. Its archaeological site is one of the most important on Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is located to the east of the Mountain range Vilcabamba. Since it was a traditional in the Inca architecture, the cities were constructed on the base of figurative outlines of animals. Písaq, had the shape of a partridge, as it says its name.

. Pisaq Pictures

The architecture of Pisaq is also meztisa, build over andean sites by the viceroy Francisco Toledo. Here we can assist to a mess made in quechua language, sharing the time with the local people and Varayoc (regional mayors). I t is possible to see how the Inca farmers fixed the problem of planting on the steepest areas.
At the present time it is very important to visit the archeological site, Ollantaytambo and Machupicchu that are part of the Archeological circuit of Cusco that became the most important economy support for these towns, besides the agriculture.

Pisac is not the exception of the famous Inca legends. The city has a statue that has a very particular: it is said that the chief Huayllapuma had a daughter named Inquill, which had to marry the man who could build, in just one night, the bridge over the river Vilacmayo (a bridge of great importance to the defense of the place). Despite the hard work, Asto Rimac, a handsome prince decided to accept the challenge and ask the hand of the princess.

The local authorities arranged everything so Asto Rimac starts the work, as the princess had to climb a hill without turning, for, otherwise, she and her fiancé would turn to stone. Just before dawn, the prince had finished the work, but Inquill could not bear more, she turned and was turned into stone until today.

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