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Tipon Cusco

TIPON is a National Archaeological Park located east of Cusco City, a territory covering approximately 2,200 hectares located in the district of Oropesa, province of Quispicanchis. To visit the main archaeological monument it is necessary to cover a distance of 5 km (3 miles) the trail starts from kilometer 18 (11.2milla) Cusco-Puno road to the north and crossing the stream of "Watanay.

Tipon Pictures

It was an important temple, where they worshiped the water with care and reverence that the Incas treated this important element. Although there are still mysteries to unravel, the calm of the site, the sound of water and the feeling of being close to the gods, subjugate the visitor A mile off the paved road there is a small town called Tipon.

The dwelling is part of the village was the ownership Quispicanchis of San Lorenzo in the Valleys (1650 -1802). This was undoubtedly the most important monument of the colonial time but today is completely deserted. The original Quechua name of the park is unknown. You can see various groups actual quarter According to Victor Angles were built by Inca Wiraqocha as a dwelling place and refuge for his father Yawar Wakaq that returned after the war against the Chankas. These groups of villages lie at an altitude of 3500 mts. (11480 feet). In addition there are very impressive crop areas that contain 12 very fertile terraces that are now grown, whose walls were built with well carved stones.
Even more impressive is the irrigation system that is still use in agriculture and the advantage is the water intake in the spring season. Have been carved stones that channels the river finely calculated and sometimes near-vertical drops that all together constitute a hydraulic engineering work. Some sources have had ceremonial duties. Due to its location and the presence of a wall surrounding Tipon must have been a very exclusive, interdependent with some other sectors as Intiwatana "westward" Pukutuyoq "," Pukara "," Hatun Wayk'o "etc.. Southwest of this group, almost vertical mountain surface is the cemetery named "Pitopuqyo" today has plundered tombs. In this place there were large amounts of cultural relics. Land pilgrimage
The importance of place is emphasized in the description that Father Cristobal de Molina's remarkable journey that Tarpuntaes-mystical Inca priests, carried out before the winter solstice to get close to the starting point of the Sun was a pilgrimage 100 km to Sichuan visiting shrines arranged in a straight line. Then he traveled another 100 miles back to Cusco, along a line that reached Mantocalla, the site of imperial astronomers observed in the eastern sucanca the sunrises, to define the length of the year and check the dates of solstices and equinoxes .

This wonderful recreational Inca is seated on a highly irregular surface. At the time the Inca did not exist or horizontal flat land, everything was amended by the inhabitants of the Tahuantinsuyo earnest satisfaction for their veteran and dull monarch.

The main sectors in Tipon are:

1. Royal Areas and Gardens
Beautiful rooms and gardens build on the basis of megalithic stone blocks that formed the Royal House thet Wiracocha build as a home for his father Yahuar Huaca. This is the most beautiful and extensive group of the complex, it has beautiful fountains and troughs that even today continue to pour water, which emerges from mysterious and secret underground channels.
One way of building a tower ovoid lies south of the platforms. From here you can enjoy all the ravine with a breathtaking view.

2. Intiwatana
Beautiful rooms with exquisite premium trapezoidal niches, where you can cover almost all Tipon visually, is located a few meters from the main venues. They are located in a higher altitude on a mountain elevation that protects the area.

3. Inferior Enclosures
A person of some importance, but not of the nobility, must live in these areas. The rooms, located almost 1 km. the Intiwatana, are lower quality, but despite this show importance and solemnity. They initially built of stone and adobe completed.

4. Mirador of Cusco
In the northern part of the archaeological site there is a significant orogenic prominence that was, in antiquity, an important site for observation and signals.
It was called Cruz Moqo that means "summit where there is a cross' while Qosqo Qhawarina means" from where you can see Cusco”. It is called so because from here you can see the western part of Cusco City. It was a place of abundant population during the Inca Empire, home of personalities with extensive political and economic powers.

5. The Wall
It is possible that Tipon area has been occupied by war lords who fought for many years and for being sure, they built colossal and extensive defensive walls, which undoubtedly took them many years of work. Subsequently the wall lacked subject as all regional kingdoms became part of the great empire of Tahuantinsuyo.
It is worth noting the presence of so-called or rungs Zaruna corbelling appearing on the walls of the platforms in the form of huge Lithic nails willing to escale PIKILLACTA way constitutes an archaeological park, includes many archaeological sites. Covering an area of 3421 hectares (8453 acres) and is located in Quispicanchis province, east of Cusco City at about 32 km (20 miles), now reached by the paved road leading to Puno and Arequipa.

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Cusco Archaeological Sites

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