Puerto Maldonado - Tambopata (4 days / 3 nights)

The expedition begins with a journey through the jungle. Boat trips are made to remote places, As the largest macaw clay lick in the world, we visit the Alto Tambopata River, ideal for observing wildlife. Many other activities are combined with the best accommodation, the Wasai Tambopata Lodge, a destination by itself. This adventure ensures a unique experience that allows you to learn about the Amazon, living an unforgettable experience

Puerto Maldonado - Tambopata (4 days / 3 nights)


DAY 1. - Discovering the Jungle
Transfer from Puerto Maldonado airport to the Madre de Dios river port. A journey of 25 minutes on the Madre de Dios River in motorized canoe will take you through the final stretch at the hostel in Sandoval Lake. From here the trail leads to a trail of 2 miles, road or carriage through the secondary forest, until you reach a small canal on board of canoes and paddling 220 meters through a flooded forest of palm Mauritia 100 feet. As the canal opens on the shiny surface of the lake, we moved slowly paddling the catamaran across the lake to the lodge.

After lunch and a brief rest to avoid the heat of the early hours of evening, we boarded the catamaran for exploring the extreme west of the lake. Here in the flooded forest of palms, we resort to the sounds of hundreds of red-bellied Macaws as they return to forest of palms at night. After dinner back to the canoe for searching the big, black and extremely rare Black Caiman. If there is clear light at night, we can also float in the middle of the lake and marvel at the brightness of the sky. (L, D).


DAY 2 .- Lago Sandoval
A wake up call before the sunrise allows us to be in the lake for sunrise and a hopeful encounter with the family of Giant Otters which frequent the lake and are more active at this time of day. Many of the fish-hunting birds around the lake before they are active very early in the morning, and this output will provide a safe view and excellent photos to see a prehistoric landscape.

After returning from a delay breakfast we go into a cool forest at the height of the virgin forest near the lake in order to see some towers Brazil nut trees and a demonstration of how our machines collect, open and commercialize this important natural product. After lunch and an hour or something to relax aboard the catamaran to explore this part of the lake, where we can appreciate one or more of the five species of monkeys which live in the woods near the lake, as the Brown Capuchin Monkey.

There is one final chance after dinner to try to be very close to the black caiman on the lake, or go on a short night walk through dense forest. (B, L, D.).


DAY 3 .- Jungle
Reaching once again the sunrise, we take a quick snack before boarding the catamarans to explore the west hoping to find the giant otters. After a late breakfast we explore some of the sections of the forest with our resident naturalist guide. According walk through the woods, we are experiencing what our guide will explain the ecology of the forest and its diverse flora and fauna. Returning for lunch, there is an optional rest for those who want to escape the heat of the afternoon. For those who are full of energy, there is one independent option of exploring some of the stretches of forest.

With the cold evening, we willboard again the catamaran to explore the eastern part of the lake, and insurance experience an amazing sunset on the lake before returning for dinner. After dinner, a final opportunity to appreciate the black caiman on the lake, or go on a short hike through the forest. (B, L, D.).


DAY 4 .- Transfer out
After an early breakfast, a short ride around the west end of the lake in order to glimpse the Giant Otters before returning to Puerto Maldonado for the flight to Lima. (B).


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