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Moray Cusco

Unique Archaeological Group in the region where you can arrive by car along the road or on land without claiming the bridle path from the village. It is a gigantic  natural depressions or holes in the ground surface were used to build terraces in contour farming or terraces with their irrigation canals that really catches the eye is the average annual temperature difference between the top and the bottom of the depressions, the difference reaches up to 15 ° C in major depression about 30 meters deep.

Moray Pictures

In these formations, the nature has created an environment, conditions or microclimates that in modern times man creates in greenhouses. Moray,  for  its  climatic conditions and other characteristics, was an important center of domestication, acclimatization and hybridization of wild plant species that were modified or adapted for human consumption
It is therefore a prototype greenhouse or experimental biological station quite advanced for its time that helped the American man of antiquity mankind inherit 60% of plant products you consume, the Andean people eat a thousand and a half different varieties of potatoes, one hundred and fifty of corn, and many other rich products . There still, however, many mysteries about the place, conundrums that result from the lack of serious scientific research that will clear the doubts of today. The structures here are typically found Incas, however, some suggest that it is anterior structures, at least in the lower terraces. One of the puzzles is how it was used to drain the water that flowed through the channels, it is argued that there should be built underground channels at the bottom of the depressions that allow drainage.

It is also estimated that the bottom is on a very porous natural rock formation that facilitates the inward leakage of the earth, the real is that even today, and at the bottom of the depressions are not produced floods in the rainy season. It is imperative the need to undertake serious studies in palynology, different analysis of pollen samples found in Moray in order to establish the nature, kind, quality and other characteristics of the food they grew.

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